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According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the US scrap recycling industry rebounded sharply in 2010, generating $77 billion in revenues, rising 40 percent from $54 billion in 2009 when it was impacted by collapsing prices amid the global recession. ISRI’s latest report says that the industry added 10,000 jobs in 2010 and now employs over 130,000 people, paying an average wage of $66,704. The industry also indirectly supports an additional 321,500 jobs through suppliers and industry expenditures. “This Labor Day 450,000 people are working because of the strength of the U.S. scrap recycling industry,” said Robin Wiener, ISRI President. “This number will continue to grow with the recognition that the scrap recycling industry can boost our economy, improve our trade deficit, and protect our environment and natural resources.”

“This study illustrates very clearly that the U.S. scrap recycling industry is playing an important role in America’s economic recovery,” ISRI President Robin Wiener said. “Despite tough times, our industry is directly and indirectly putting more than 450,000 people to work while generating over $10 billion in tax revenue for federal, state and local governments. All this adds up to recognition that the scrap recycling industry must be allowed to grow so it can continue to boost our economy, put people to work protect our environment and help save energy. When people think of recycling, they think of the bin at the curb when in fact our industry is a multi-billion-dollar ‘Made in America’ manufacturing success story.”
The U.S. scrap recycling industry is particularly important because its operations are so widespread. In fact, the total economic activity generated by scrap recycling in the United States is more than $90.6 billion, making the industry similar in size to the nation’s forestry and fishing industries combined.
As reported in Waste Business Journal

The economic study can be viewed in its entirety at The site is equipped with an interactive map that will allow users to not only see the impact that the US scrap recycling industry is having nationally, but also the contributions that are being made to individual states and congressional districts.

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Seal Beach, Calif. (August 25, 2011) — In a move to participate in the growing natural gas vehicle market sector in the United States, three investment companies have agreed to invest $150 million in Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (Nasdaq: CLNE), North America’s leading provider of natural gas fuel for transportation.

“This investment by Temasek, Seatown and RRJ demonstrates their confidence in the opportunity for fueling natural gas vehicles as well as in Clean Energy’s position as the leader in growing this market,” said Andrew J. Littlefair, President and CEO of Clean Energy. “Our development program for fueling station-building is expanding rapidly and we welcome the support provided by the funds.”
“We are steadily adding stations serving fleets in the refuse, transit, airport, municipal and regional trucking markets around the country as well as through our recently announced build out of the backbone of America’s Natural Gas Highway for trucking,” added Littlefair.

“We are honored to be a strategic partner of Clean Energy,” said Richard Ong, Chairman & CEO of RRJ Capital. “We like the long-term prospects of the Company. Clean Energy has been demonstrating a strong track record in natural gas fueling services in North America. It is well-positioned to tap into the future growth opportunities in both the domestic market and in international markets such as China and Southeast Asia.”

Currently priced $1.50—$2.00 per gallon lower than diesel or gasoline (depending upon local markets), the use of natural gas fuel reduces costs significantly for vehicle and fleet owners, reduces greenhouse gas emissions up to 30% in light-duty vehicles and 23% in medium to heavy-duty vehicles. Additionally, natural gas is a secure North American energy source with 98% of the natural gas consumed produced in the U.S. and Canada.

About Clean Energy Fuels — Clean Energy (Nasdaq: CLNE) is the largest provider of natural gas fuel for transportation in North America and a global leader in the expanding natural gas vehicle market. It has operations in CNG and LNG vehicle fueling, construction and operation of CNG and LNG fueling stations, biomethane production, vehicle conversion and compressor technology.

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