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After spending over 20 years in the waste business, the idea of this site came in response to hearing the same question from so many people  – “DO YOU KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND A GOOD USED(insert equipment request).?”.  My response was typically, “…not sure, I’ll let you know”.  Then I would hunt around the country trying to find the equipment they were looking for.  This task would take weeks, even months in some cases, by the time they buyer and seller would work out a deal.

As the saying goes


So getting seller’s to post their equipment in one place and telling all the buyers about it, has to make sense right? – YES IT DOES!

The Garbage Truck Trader is designed and operated to bring buyers and sellers together.  Instead of just putting ads on a blank webpage and hoping someone will find it; we do things a little different.  It makes sense that we should tell everyone we know, and anyone who will listen, that one of our users has something to sell, and we do!  Every few weeks we send an awful lot of people a “New Listing” email that features some recently listed items (not getting that email? Join Here).  We advertise the site on various other high internet traffic sites, send mailers and even take out print ads to make sure we don’t miss anyone.

We also started blogs about relevant topics and industry information. There are some selling tips under How to Sell.  Things to look for, and watch for, under How to Buy.  Some tips on maintaining your trucks under Maintenance, along with some other areas of interest that have been suggested by other users.  The blogs are written by our staff and/or industry professionals for information purposes.  If one person gets one good tip that helps them in their business – then the time spent writing it is worth it.

The Garbage Truck Trader is naturally, a Waste and Recycling Industry MARKETPLACE.  An honest, informative site dedicated to servicing the industry and the people that work in it.  That was the idea when we started it, and we work hard every day to build on that idea and improve it. We hope it serves you and your company well! Enjoy.

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