The Top Five Things to Know When Selling A Used Garbage Truck

Not unlike selling a home, there has to be some thought put into your approach. In most cases, once the decision is made to sell a truck, many sellers will walk out to the yard, take a quick picture, send it to a newspaper, or magazine with a dozen words to describe it along with $60-$100 for the week.. Then they will sit by the phone and wait. The result is a few calls from “tire kickers” wasting your time or bargain hunters offering $1/lb “CASH”. Read More

The Right Spec… at Resale

The right spec is vitally important when buying your vehicle, but it’s also an important criterion when selling it. A 32yrd front load truck with a 14,000 lb front axle, 40,000lb diff, and standard transmission may be a little cheaper up front, but the re-sale value will feel the effects later on. Read More

How to Sell At Waste Equipment Exchange

Deciding to sell a surplus piece of equipment is a tough decision. Does the cost of keeping it, outweigh the price you can sell it for? Read More

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